About Me

I was born and grew up in Genoa where, on the wonderful Ligurian Coast, I started to daydream about my future and to develop my passions, which brought me, here today to undertake this work in the middle of the enchanting panorama of Trentino, South Tyrol.

I am a creative person, motivated and with great organisational skills. I love this job: to see the dreams of my customers becoming reality created by me, all the smallest details until the final event. The smile and the amazement printed on the faces of the participants and customers is wonderful!

If you have read this far, it means that you are interested in finding help for a special event, so write to me, without any commitments. I will be happy to hear your story.

My Training

I had the great opportunity and honour to work as an assistant to Simona Chiavaccini, a professional Wedding & Event Planner. During this important period, I assisted Simona during meetings with customers and suppliers and I helped her throughout all the preparation and the coordination of the events, until its final completion.

It was a very intense period of learning that made me even more passionate about this work and that gave me the basis to undertake it professionally.

In Simona Chiavaccini I found not only a good teacher, but also a professional example. I actually learned from her what it means to put professionalism at the top of in everything and this allows me today to both offer and require very high-quality standards.

I thank her so much for the great opportunity that she offered me, for the great example that she is for me, for her trust and for her great esteem, which makes a continuous working collaboration possible.

My Training

I have always had many collaborators, people who wanted to learn, but only after three months they already clamed to be real Wedding Planners.

There were people who stole my work, and who even showed my work as theirs.

They never understood that, in order to do this wonderful job, it takes passion, serenity and a lot of experience.

I still remember as though it was yesterday the day you contacted me.. with a polite message in which you wrote that you would leave your job as a permanent manager to follow me in your studies.

You Left Brunico to come to Genoa, ready and to go.

You wanted to learn, in a true way, always taking every piece of advice as a fixed rule.

Your determination was your strength.

Due to this, I made you go at top speed and you always returned with a contagious smile.

You have almost surpassed the teacher and I feel really proud about this.

Proud to see how sweet, sunny, humble girl like you.

You even made me write a reference for my very first time!

Our paths will always be parallel because we can always count on each other.

Simona Chiavaccini


Here we go.

We started from this logo.

A Logo I had in my head for a long time and I finally managed to put it on paper.

A logo that represents me.

Inside that circle my path is highlighted my path: where I have been, where I am and with some strength and courage where I will be.

The Olive Tree at the base depicts my birth and my life in the land in which I was born and raised, Genoa and Liguria. A land rich in colours and perfumes that makes you miss it when it's far from your eyes, never from the heart.

The flower at the top of the circle is an edelweiss and represents the place that has been filling my heart for years so when I decided to live in the mountains in Brunico and South Tyrol. This region full of history and culture opened its doors to me many years ago and made me madly in love with it. I never had the courage to leave there.

The exact same path has returned to my working life.

I started work as an Event & Wedding Planner in Liguria, thanks to Simona Chiavaccini, she also a Wedding & Events planner who accepted me as her assistant and who with great passion taught me everything it takes to undertake this profession. I have decided, however, to develop my own business as an event planner in the mountains, returning to Brunico.

The Circle therefore represents this: a perpetual movement between these two different realities, which allows me to live both of them. It is a circle that will continue to turn, and so will I, between my company in south Tyrol and the special collaboration with Simona Chiavaccini in Liguria.

This is and this will be:

I was born by the sea, and I was in the mountains.

Nasco Olive, blooming in edelweiss.

I was born from an olive tree, blooming in edelweiss!