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Francesca Gualtieri Event & Wedding Planner in Alto Adige

Giving life to an event is not only a job for me, but also a great privilege: it includes telling your story and creating emotions.

Whether it be a business meeting, a special occasion to celebrate or a romantic wedding, I will grant your wishes with professionalism and passion.

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I have always loved writing, because I love creating different atmospheres and situations, but only by practising this work, have I really understood what giving life to unique and wonderful realities means.

Francesca Gualtieri


You wanted to learn, in a true way, always taking every piece of advice as a fixed rule.

Your determination was your strength.

Due to this, I made you go at top speed and you always returned with a contagious smile.

You have almost surpassed the teacher and I feel really proud about this.

Proud to see how sweet, sunny, humble girl like you.


Simona Chiavaccini